Our Accent is on the Data

Chasing fads. Whether you’re talking about fashion, cars, cell phones or the stock market, an endless pursuit of what’s cool and buzz-worthy can be an expensive proposition indeed.

But there’s a ‘hot’ trend in direct response fundraising that’s not going away any time soon. Heard about ‘big data’ and the need to be ‘data-driven’ in your fundraising approaches? So have we. And for more than a decade, we’ve been bringing the best in data-driven, direct response marketing to Canadian charities.
Data’s in our DNA. It’s also in our name. You thought ‘Donnée’ relates to the French word for donor (which it does – we’re focused on your donors). Well, that word in French also means ‘data’.

That’s why we say ‘our accent is on the data’. One French word. And one great direct response agency.